Marina Popea (NTU, Nottingham)


Research Fellow, Nottingham Trent University

Marina Popea specialises in translation and cultural magazines with a broad comparative focus. A Latin Americanist with an interdisciplinary background, she is completing an AHRC-funded PhD on the role of translation in shaping modern poetics in Mexican magazines of the early twentieth century. She is particularly interested in the methodological challenges of studying translation in the context of periodical publications and is developing Digital Humanities tools to integrate quantitative analysis into her research. She has been a visiting fellow at the Harry Ransom Center and at the Instituto de Investigaciones Filológicas (UNAM), and will shortly be visiting the LLILAS-Benson Latin American Collection. She currently teaches modern Latin American literature and translation at Wadham College, University of Oxford.

“Latin American Modernisms in European Magazines (1945-1965): Translation and the Cultural Cold War.”